101 iPhone Travel Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Apps


101 iPhone Travel Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Apps is a compilation of some of the best travel- and tech-related tips, tricks, hacks, and workflows I’ve learned. It is the product of 60,000+ kms of travel road testing over 700 iPhone and Android travel and productivity related apps. Although the book is iPhone focused, most tips will apply in exactly the same way to the iPad.

While you can find many iPhone tips and tricks online, the book isn’t a collection of random tips. 101 iPhone Travel Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Apps is specifically designed for people who want to take their iPhone use to another level in a travel and mobility context. That is, it’s for people who want to use their mobile device as a mobile device.

Some of the tips are long, others are brief. In all cases, they’re designed to be useful.

And where possible, I endeavour to go beyond the obvious. I’m aware most people know about popular apps like Skype, so you won’t find tips in the book about saving on phone call charges by using Skype. I prefer to focus on some of the features or applications of those services that you probably don’t know about and that would be useful to you. Also, a lot of the tips are focused on how you can get the most out of your iPhone (or iPad), in terms of tweaking the settings to make it do something useful in a travel or mobility context.

I wrote a series of five posts to give you a sense of the type and breadth of tips that are available in the book. You can find the first post here.

You can download a sample or pick up a copy of 101 iPhone Travel Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Apps here at Amazon.com. It has been freshly updated in 2019 for iOS 12.