About This Website

iTravel Life is designed as a resource for the savvy traveler.

This website includes a healthy dose of travel tech and some the best gear, tools, and resources for independent travelers. A core focus of this website is smartphones and tablets, because that’s what most travelers tend to pack these days.

In the last five years, the travel landscape has changed markedly. Travelers have become more empowered because of their access to the Internet; social media; the democratisation of information through self-published eBooks and websites; changes in mobile technology, and so on. As a result, the average traveler is now far more savvy than they were a few years ago.

My books, and website, are here to serve those travelers.

In that sense, I understand that most travelers know about tools like Skype, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and the like. Therefore, in my work I try to give practical, value-added tips, strategies, and tools that go beyond the obvious. While you won’t read an article here about how to save on call costs by using Skype, you might read an article how to get cheaper Skype credit, alternatives to Skype, or how to hack Skype for travel-related purposes. I’ll also point to the little known features of apps or services that can make a big difference in your travel experience.

Next, the focus of this website is on providing content that is enduring rather than transitory. Primarily, that is content that has a real practical application, including ‘how to’s’. As such, you shouldn’t think of the blog in the same way as you might a traditional blog. I think of it as a resource for travelers and mobile tech users of all kinds. (My website really isn’t just for travelers, its for anybody that wants to master their mobile tech.)

Articles are updated as new or better information and resources come to hand. If I find a product or developer doesn’t meet the highest of standards, it will be removed as quickly as I can find an Internet connection. The aim is to keep this website as free from old apps, services, workflows, news, and so on, that is no longer useful. That way, the website will continue getting better and better over time, in contrast to a normal blog which deteriorates over time. So, feel free to explore the blog archives.

Finally, everything I’ve created (books, website, online store) is designed to work harmoniously together. In that sense while there’s some overlap in content, there won’t be too much. You’ll notice I like to write in-depth about topics. That’s because a lot of the reviews and other information I read online is relatively superficial. What that means, is that you buy or download an app and often have to try it out and learn at your own expense. Also, lots of reviewers skip over really useful information about an app’s features. Often, thats because either they’re in the rush to put out as much content as possible for financial reasons, or because they only test apps at their desk, and not in real world conditions. While some readers just want a list of app names, there’s a lot of things you mostly won’t discover by yourself unless you travel a lot.

And, practically speaking, because I cover topics like Siri, Evernote, iPhone travel in great depth in the those specific books, I won’t restate much of that information here. The blog content will update, enhance, and supplement the content from the books. That isn’t to say you won’t find heaps of amazing free content here on the blog. You most certainly will! Its that I have more articles and information to share on this blog than I could possibly cover; even over a very long period of time. I want everything to receive the depth and quality of coverage it deserves.

In summary, there’s loads of quality travel and iPhone, Android, and Mac travel tech content yet to come, and I’m very excited to share it with you!


Featured Products

I’ll write a lot about products and services on this website that I love. I really enjoy hunting down the best products and services and then figuring out how to get the most out of them.

If you do choose to buy them, I hope you’ll buy them via this website because that’s one source of income for this website. I’ve deliberately chosen not to have advertising; sponsored posts; Google AdSense; or to earn any money from YouTube advertising. It is the only way I can assure that I’m not going to earn any income from (or implicitly recommend) parties whose products are inconsistent with my values. For more information on how this website pays its bills, see the Disclosure page.

You’ll find a companion store for this website at traveltechstore.com. (You can also click on the Store button at the top of any page.) The store’s slogan is: Hand-Picked Mobile and Travel Tech You’ll Love. It recognises the special relationship that many of us have with our tech gadgets! All products are hand-picked to weed out those that look great on paper but don’t perform adequately in the real world. Few other tech stores can do this, making Travel Tech Store the most complete collection of premium specialist travel tech gear on the web. It covers smartphones, tablets, portable computers, printers, books, and all the ‘best of class’ travel tech accessories. You’ll find everything from the best headphones for travelers to memory cards, portable hard drives, Wi-Fi devices, batteries, charging cables, bags, and many more unique travel tech gadgets. Everything on the site is useful for travelers.

That said, while I love researching products and services to find the very best in their category, I need to stress that I really don’t want you to buy stuff that you don’t need lest you end up like this poor old chap:



Just need to buy Google Glass + Apple Watch


The same would apply for apps, software, and workflows that you don’t need.

You’ll find lots of ideas and content online (and on this website) that sounds great, although you may actually not need it. Alternatively, it may not really fit your workflow. When you first start reading tech blogs, it is very easy to get sucked into a constant stream of content chasing the next best app, accessory, or trick, and end up feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. I suspect this one of the great challenges of modern times… how to have a healthy relationship with one’s tech, so that it empowers, rather than consumes you. This website is about providing a range of power tools (and weeding out the rest), so that you can find the best ones that work for you… and leave the rest.

Finally, if you are buying tech products, you might be interested in my article on how to minimise the risk of buying dud tech products. It is the result of my experience in reading a few thousand app, blog, and tech product reviews, as well as being an avid tech consumer.


How You Can Help

I put a crazy amount of time into thinking about everything that goes (or does not go) on this website. I do that to make my best effort to save you from wasting money, damaging your device, putting yourself at risk in some way, buying dodgy products, introducing you to others that would aggressively try to monetise you, or those that don’t share the same values as I do.

Also, I want to make this website, my books, and online store a world-class resource for people that love travel and travel tech.

Here’s how you can help support my vision:

If you find any products or services mentioned on this website that you feel don’t meet the highest of quality, ethical, or customer service standards, I’d really appreciate it if you’d let me know

If you find some amazing products, apps, services, content for the books, or ideas for the website that you think would serve the community of readers, I’d love to hear about them.

Technology is changing all of the time, and writing about tech is like trying to hit a moving target. If you find any content that is out-of-date, factually or technically incorrect, I would be grateful if you could contact me so that I can update it.

If you want to support this site financially, and you shop at Amazon, I would love it if you chose to make your purchase through this website’s Amazon home page affiliate link. It won’t cost you any more, and it will support the continued operation of this website. You can find a link to the Amazon.com Home page on the sidebar of any page on this website, or you can click here:


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Purchases made from links in this website’s store (www.traveltechstore.com) also support the site.

Finally, if you’ve enjoyed and gotten value out of any of my books, a review at Amazon.com is a great way for other people to find my work.

Thanks in advance for your support.

There’s a lot more awesome content to come on this website, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy creating it for you!


About Me

My profession is organisational research, with my core expertise and interest being change and human potential. As a researcher, the key areas I focus on are organisational development, strategy, change management, leadership, training and development, along with some company and industry research.

I’m also a trained business coach, life coach, telephone counselor and have studied several healing modalities. So I’ve done (more) than my share of learning! What I love most though is teaching, facilitation, and group work. I am currently completing my practical hours in group facilitation and I have a special interest in online facilitation. We live in an era of unprecedented levels of change and yet almost all of our models in business, training, and personal development are based on flawed model of lineal thinking. My interest is in working with companies and individuals that are looking for something more and want to become world class.

My other passion is travel, in particular, to developing countries. I enjoy the different cultures, food, people and natural beauty of the countries I visit. I’ve worked from more than half a dozen different countries whilst traveling and I share some of those lessons with you on this blog.

One of my favourite parts of my work on my book projects so far has been some of the really wonderful people it has introduced me to. So if my work resonates with you, feel free to connect through my contact page.

I hope you enjoy the website.