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iPhone Travel LIfe - David Ragg


There’s more to travelling with a smartphone than tossing it into your bag. iPhone Travel Life is designed to give you all of the tips, tricks, apps, hacks, and gear that will have you using this tool safely, like a pro.

iPhone Travel Life is at the intersection of three areas I’m passionate about: travel, technology, and teaching. I wrote this book because I couldn’t find one that specifically teaches people how to get the most out of their technology in a travel and mobility context, which is increasingly the way most of us are using our devices. Specifically, because I travel a lot, I wanted to see if I could just travel and work from a smartphone and tablet and leave the laptop behind.

And, when I searched online, what I found there was no one complete source of information about the kinds of topics I wanted to understand. General iPhone books didn’t cover this type of specialist information, and many of the web articles I read were incomplete, inaccurate, or included information that was simply wrong.

So I decided to write a book that brings all of this information together in a comprehensive guide to using your smartphone or tablet.



What You’ll Learn

Here’s a sample of the many things you’ll learn:

  • The best apps for flights, food, accommodation, getting around, finances, entertainment, travel planning, and more.
  • Which popular apps to avoid and why.
  • Which travel apps work offline.
  • The best travel tech gear across a range of categories and how to avoid buying dud gear.
  • What to do to minimise the risk of your phone being stolen, and what you need to do if it is.
  • An in-depth look at what you need to know about iPhone security as a traveler, including the flaws in the inbuilt iOS security features.
  • How to physically protect your iPhone from theft or damage.
  • The dangers of searching the web whilst you travel and how to stay safe.
  • An in-depth guide to all of your communication options including the best apps, services, and workflows.
  • How to make free or low cost phone calls as you travel.
  • Why prepaid SIM cards AREN’T the best choice for all travelers, and how to find the SIM card that is right for you.
  • How not to run up thousand dollar bills with global roaming.
  • How to find the some amazing travel guide books and apps (including how save money on them).
  • Why I avoid most of the free guide apps, and which ones are worth installing.
  • What do if your iPhone is water damaged and why using the ‘rice trick’ is one of the worst things to do.
  • Travel email strategies, including how to send email when it is being blocked.
  • The most complete chapter on everything Wi-Fi for travellers that you’ll find anywhere. It will help find the best and fastest Internet at your destination, including free Wi-Fi when you travel. It will also tell you exactly what to do when you’re having problems with the Wi-Fi and some of the different products and apps that can help you stay connected.
  • How to (safely) tether your data from one phone to another device like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • All of the apps and services you need to know about for your day of travel at the airport.
  • How to get the best seats on any flights (even when they’re already booked).
  • How to find the flights Skyscanner misses.
  • How to back up your precious data and photos on the road.
  • How to minimise your data usage and make your mobile phone data plan go further.
  • What do when you’re running out of space on your mobile device.
  • Everything power related. That includes, how to get the quickest charge; how to choose the best batteries (including my favourite picks); the danger of third-party adapters; the best charging accessories for people traveling with an iPhone; the types of plugs you need; worldwide electricity and voltage; iPhone charging myths; how to extend your battery life, and more.
  • My own iPhone travel workflow. That includes how I prepare my iPhone for travel along with the Settings changes I make, and the travel apps I use most.
  • How to (safely) print any document like a boarding pass directly from your iPhone to any printer.
  • And much more.

There’s also dozens of tips, tricks, hacks, warnings, and cautions:

  • Warnings to stop you blowing your data allowance, running up huge excess data usage or global roaming bills, risking compromising your identity, risking your finances, damaging your device, reducing the risk of theft, wasting time, wasting money, and more.
  • Money and time saving tips.
  • Pro iPhone travel tips that you won’t find online. 



Designed to Be A Complete Reference

iPhone Travel Life is a BIG book.

I wanted you to be able use the book as a reference manual for how to use your phone in a travel context.

Originally 110,000 words long, I’ve reduced its size by migrating some of its original content to this blog. However, if there’s something you want to know about traveling with a smartphone or tablet, it is likely to be in this book. If you want to know all of the things you can do to minimise the risk of your smartphone being stolen and keep your data safe; it’s in the book. Likewise, if you want to understand your insurance options; what to do if your smartphone gets water damaged; or the best way to use the inbuilt alarm.

In researching the book, I tested all of the 600+ apps and settings on three long trips throughout Australia and Asia, including countries where English is not the primary language. I traveled ‘mobile only’ – with just a smartphone and tablet – using them to complete any technical travel-related task I needed to. Many app reviews are tested at the author’s desk, but my field-testing proved which apps and services look great on paper but fail in practice, as many of them do. I’ve done the legwork for you, sorting the good apps and services from the bad, and I share how you can overcome some of the products’ shortcomings.



More Than An App Review

Even though there are hundreds of the best apps in the book, its important to note that iPhone Travel Life isn’t a travel ‘app review’. There’s plenty of lists online of good travel apps. In this book, I go deeper, telling you how the apps work and point to their hidden features and uses that will assist you in your travel.

The book also includes the best travel tech gear, workflows, travel websites and resources, and lots of tips and tricks – many of which you wouldn’t figure out on your own.

However, iPhone Travel Life goes much further than that, looking at the dozens of different settings changes you can make on your iPhone that will assist you as a traveler.

iPhone Travel Life dive deeps into the setting changes you need to make on your iPhone so you don’t waste data, secure your phone, properly adjust your calendar, stop people from hacking your data, maximise battery life, and much more. It’s the little things like turning off automatic downloads of apps or downloading of apps or music purchased on other devices that could create a nightmare if you don’t attend to them. I point you to the key settings changes and explain why they’re important and what you need to know.

You look to your mobile device to save you time. I deliberately designed iPhone Travel Life to save you money. Put some of my suggestions into use, and you can easily recover more than the book’s purchase price.



How to Purchase

iPhone Travel Life is the fifth travel tech book I’ve published, however, it was actually the first book I wrote. I think you’ll learn lots of useful things to assist you with your travel, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it.

You can download a sample for Kindle or purchase iPhone Travel Life at Amazon.com.