Traveling with Siri

Traveling With Siri


In the process of researching iPhone Travel Life, I gave Siri a good work-out to see if she was useful for travelers. This short book is a product of that research.

Traveling With Siri is written for travelers who want to get the most out of Siri in a travel context. It covers the essentials of Siri’s strengths and examples of the type of commands you would give her. Armed with this knowledge, you can quickly figure out the types of uses that best suit your needs. In my exploration, I found some of Siri’s features work really well for travelers.

Before writing this book, I thought of Siri as a bit of a gimmick. Now, I know what she can do, what she can’t, and what her power features are. That means I can selectively use the best features as I need to. My aim in this book is to teach you how to do the same. For example, at 9pm when I’m tired and ready to go to bed, I can create a reminder to do something tomorrow in around 3 seconds on a locked iPhone using Siri, rather than 2 minutes using the Reminders app. Or, if I’m going out for a few hours in the evening, I can ask ‘Siri what time is sunset’. Siri gives you fast access to exchange rates, dictation, tonnes of useful travel-related information, and the iPhone’s settings, among other features. This one-of-a-kind book is all about Siri for travel, and includes power tricks, tips, and applications, many of which will be new to you.

Here’s what the book is not. This book is not an exhaustive coverage of Siri. You can find other excellent Siri related books at that serve that purpose. (Try Talking to Siri by Erica Sadun, or Siri For Dummies by Marc Saltzman.) Also, this book does not contain dozens of ‘filler’ screenshots of Siri along with her response. Instead, I break down the categories of what Siri can (and can’t) do in  a travel context, and give you sample commands. If, however, you’re just interested in basic Siri instructions, you can find those on the Apple website via ( Also, simply asking Siri ‘what can you do?’ will give you dozens of interesting commands to explore. Finally, you can find good general purpose Siri tutorials on most popular iPhone blogs.

Originally this book was intended to be a bonus for iPhone Travel Life purchasers, however, I decided to also publish it at for other interested readers. Here’s the link to Traveling With Siri on