Continuing the new series of video resources that aim to educate, inspire, and inform you about all that is the wonder of travel… today we’re taking a trip down the budget side of travel with…. the Budgeteers.

What’s a Budgeteer?

They’re a group of three crazy(?) budget travellers. They set out to travel a country on a $1,000 budget. When the $1,000 is gone, the trip is up. Yep, and the Budgeteers take their budgeting seriously!

Recently, the Budgeteers traveled to one of my favourite countries, India.

I think there are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings of this very beautiful country, that unfortunately keep a many travelers away. It is a land of contradictions, a country where you should expect the unexpected. Travel there is always a mystical and magical experience, and I have fond memories of first time I traveled there. I totally loved it, yet, paradoxically, I was so happy to get out and back to a western country! Then, I couldn’t wait to return.

I returned to India last year to try to change the stock of currency I had when they demontezied their economy. The government refused to change foreigner’s money. I learned something important about the value of paper-based currency that trip: it’s worthless! The new notes the Indian government introduced have printed on them¬†exactly the same promise by the government to repay the bearer of the currency its value. Now I truly understand why (especially in times of uncertainty) people want gold, and not paper currency. I think this says something about digital currencies like Bitcoin, that don’t even have a promise from the government.

I’m already excited about my next trip to India some time in the future. I want to go to places foreigners don’t go. I think there are many places that are totally off the tourist radar that would be amazing to explore, and enjoy the delicious Indian food, and the warmth and friendliness of the locals. In the modern world, there’s all of the digital tools and information (that I describe in Traveling with Evernote) that make this an exciting possibility. I really can’t wait.

Anyway, Budgeteering looks like it could be a lot fun, and hard work, so I’ll leave it up to the professionals.

Let’s see how the Budgeteers fared whilst traveling India…