Can you charge your Android smartphone with an iPhone charger? The short answer is, YES.

I wanted to know the answer to this question to see how many wall chargers I really needed to pack in my luggage.

The bad news is, the reason I had the question in the first place, was because my Android smartphone was charging so slowly when using an iPhone charger.

And so, part of the answer is that the iPhone charger slows down the charge so as not to damage anything.

In short, you can charge an iPhone or Android using an iPhone charger, but you’re better off not doing so, because you get a slower charge.

Generally speaking, the original charger and cables that came with your device give you a fast charge. If you’re charging an iPhone, you’ll get a faster charge by using the 10W iPad charger, than the 5W iPhone charger you get in the box.

Some of the quality third party chargers will give a faster charge for either an Android or Apple device; however, there is a limit to charging speeds because with Apple products the power it takes is regulated by the device. And so, you can throw as much power at your mobile device as you like, even using a high powered MacBook charger (as some have tried in the name of experimentation), but the device won’t charge beyond the limits Apple have set.

Third party chargers, cables and batteries are a dime-a-dozen these days, pumped out by big factories in China. Many come in pretty packaging, and with fancy marketing spiel. However, they’re still essentially worth that, a dime… even when they sometimes sell at a premium price because of where you bought them. A great number of these products are even dangerous.

My recommendation is not to try and save a few dollars on cheap no-name cables and chargers, get a product that’s great for travel and enjoy it for a few years. Travel is one of those times when you want or need something – like a quick charge, you want it right now. My philosophy is to buy the best quality products I can afford, at a reasonable price, and enjoy using them.