EasyFind for Mac app review


Today’s, article isn’t so much about travel, although it is about tech. I’m considering it as a public service to readers who are Mac users.

I’ve long since given up using Spotlight on my Mac for finding files.

Even when I type in a very unique keyword for a search term, I get an endless list of totally unrelated files. Spotlight, it seems, makes it harder to find files on my Mac.

Like many, I’ve installed the very useful utility, LaunchBar. And, as much as LaunchBar has become a staple of my Mac, it still hasn’t made finding many files as easy as I’d like.

Out of frustration, I decided to drop some time into finding an alternative, and that’s when I discovered EasyFind.

EasyFind is a (free) utility made by the creators of DEVONThink.

DEVONThink is a software program for the Mac, favoured by many productivity geeks for its superior indexing and organisational features. I’ve given EasyFind a bit of a run, and I love it.

If you’re having problems finding files on your Mac, EasyFind is definitely worth a try.

EasyFInd (Free)Download on the Mac App Store or direct from the developer.