How to Print From iPad or iPhone to Any Printer


Printing from an iPhone or iPad to a non-Airprint printer can still be very tricky to do. I wrote this e-book a while back to address this. Here’s the blurb:

This book details everything you need to know about how to print from an iPad or an iPhone to any printer regardless of whether it is AirPrint compatible or not. It discusses how to find the best AirPrint printers and why AirPrint isn’t always the best solution.

Importantly, How to Print from iPad includes detailed workflows for older Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth compatible printers with all of your hardware and software options along with approximate pricing and why you may want to choose one option rather than another. Its perfect for people who have an existing printer they love, but its not AirPrint compatible.

How to Print from iPad also includes a discussion of the best mobile printers for those who want to print from an iPhone or iPad whilst away from home (such as travelers, consultants, tradespersons, and so on).

Next, How to Print from iPad contains an extensive discussion of the best printing apps and speciality topics, like how to print from an app that doesn’t natively support printing.

How to Print from iPad is the most detailed iPad and iPhone printing resource available anywhere and aims to cut through the incomplete and misinformation that you will find online.


How to Print From iPad Website

You can find nearly all of the information in this book at the website (

I wrote it as a public service, as a way of giving back for everything I’ve learned from blogs and websites where others generously give their time and knowledge, and also to learn WordPress.

If you want it in a book form, here’s a link to How to Print from iPad or iPhone to Any Printer at It costs only $0.99, or it is free if you’re on Prime. (Amazon doesn’t let me price it as free.)