Magsafe Fray

Image Credit: Anihl

One of the most common problem with the Apple power adapters is that the cables fray and break. They can break on either the end connected to the power brick, or at the power tip. (I’ve had power adapter cables fray at both ends.) Unfortunately, too many Mac users go through several adapters over the life of their machine, while others go through several a year. One thing is for sure, you need to be very gentle with them. That includes pulling the plug out of the wall by the plug, and not the cable. Likewise, for removing the connector from your MacBook.

You’ll find various solutions online to this problem ranging from using electrical tape to the Fray Fix:


Apple Power Adapter


If your Apple power adapter is broken whilst under warranty or AppleCare coverage, it is a simple case of taking it in for a replacement. (Some people will even suggest you take it in for replacement in any case.) Note that in some countries (like Australia) consumer laws will provide protection beyond the typical one year warranty offered by Apple. It is important to be aware that modifying your Apple products (including the power adapter) in any way will void your warranty. I can attest to this from personal experience. It makes the difference between walking out of the Apple Store with a new power brick and a smile on your face, or handing over your credit card to purchase an expensive replacement.

If you’re traveling with your Mac, it is worthwhile understanding how to properly wrap your power adapter cord, and be very careful as to how you pack the adapter in your luggage. There are several methods you can find online, including some popular methods that don’t actually look like they address the problem. This is the one I’ve chosen:



In two articles that are well worth reading, Wired suggest you detach the larger cable from the power brick and use the under/over wrapping technique to make a coil. The technique is demonstrated in the following video by the London School of Sound.



Which ever method you choose, be careful that there isn’t stress on the end nearest the power brick. You can do this by making a loop before you wrap the cord around the wings.