After you finish writing your first book, you wonder why nobody told you how hard it would be! In that respect, one the best quotes I read (subsequent to finishing my book), was to take the longest time period you could possibly imagine it would take to write your book, double it, and you’re beginning to get close. In my case, I think the process of writing iPhone Travel Life took me more than triple my longest possible time estimate.

One of the reasons the book took so long to write is that I put a crazy amount of time into making sure the content was as good as possible to minimise any risk of loss or damage to the reader.

Theres a lot of information online that isn’t well researched and can put your phone, data, or finances at risk. One example is the infamous ‘rice’ trick for rescuing a water-damaged smartphone. Smartphone repair experts actually say that using rice is one of the worst things you can do, and it increases the risk of permanent damage to your smartphone. I minimised these risks by road-testing all of the apps and services and cross-checking information with subject matter experts. That included data security experts and those with specialist knowledge of technologies like smartphone batteries.

Writing the iPhone Travel Life and Android Travel Life books was a labour of love for me. They integrate two of my passions: technology and travel. As a professional researcher and part-time geek, I’ve included dozens of tips, tricks, hacks and resources that you won’t find online, that will help you to get the most out of your travel tech experience. The chapter on Wi-Fi alone, I think, is worth the price of the book. The rest of the book includes enough money and time saving tips to recover the cost of the books several times over.

While these books are the latest ones I’ve published, they actually were the first ones I started writing a few years ago. Available in PDF format for a while now, you can buy them in Kindle format at

You now can buy iPhone Travel Life at here and Android Travel Life at here.