Today I want to share one of my favourite (air) travel-related YouTube channels, DJ’s Aviation.

A year ago, DJ’s Aviation had only 5,000 subscribers. Today, it is pushing 200k subscribers.

With really intelligent commentary and analysis, this channel has become a favourite of many. Therefore, you might be shocked to know that it is run by Dan, a 17 year-old from Australia.

What I love about DJ’s Aviation is that the content is always timely, interesting, and engaging. It also tends to attract really intelligent conversation in the comments section.

Given the rapid subscriber growth, I’m excited to see the direction it takes next year.

Here’s the first episode of DJ’s Aviation’s review of 2018:



Another favourite episode, is where he describes his work experience program at the airport. Parts of it are hilarious.



Dan is clearly passionate about aviation, and I wish him every success with the channel and his career.