I remember the days travel clothing meant those cut off pants that would double as shorts and you bought them at the camping store. As pants, they often looked like a pair of shorts with an extra bit tacked on. Functional, but not very attractive. What’s interesting is, that many mainstream clothing brands now make fashionable clothing that is also perfect for travel.

One such example, comes from Levis. A while back, I bought a pair of their ‘performance cool’ line that are designed to stay cool in the hot and sweaty weather. This pair was black, which I assumed would hold the heat. But since they were on sale, I thought I’d give them a try. They quickly became one of my favourite pair of jeans, ever. In the humidity of Asia, they just don’t get hot and sweaty as my other jeans would. I can wear them for several days without the need to wash them.

One of my other favourite bands, Uniqlo, has several lines of clothing that are also perfect for travel. At Uniqlo, I bought a pair of lightweight wrinkle-resistant pants. These too, delivered on their promise: they weigh next to nothing, look great and don’t wrinkle easy. Uniqlo makes other normal lines of clothing that double as travel clothing.

So when you’re next ready to travel, you can think about what types of clothes you can buy from regular stores that meet your traveing needs, whilst still remaining fashionable.