Traveling with Evernote

Traveling WIth Evernote Book


In the process of researching the Android Travel Life and iPhone Travel Life books, I tested in excess of 700 travel related apps, in real-world conditions, over more than 60,000 kms of travel.

Evernote was my favourite.

By a mile.

And yet Evernote almost never makes it onto lists of popular travel related apps.

The problem seems to be that while most people can immediately sense that Evernote is something special, however, because of its unstructured nature, they tend to use Evernote at only a tiny fraction of its potential. That is, the limitation isn’t in the software, but instead in how we think and our ability to see possibility.

Add to that, most of the published courses and books don’t tell you much more than you could quickly pick up if you just played around with Evernote for an hour. (Which I totally recommend you do!)

This book sets out to change that.

I’m going to show you that there’s more to Evernote for travel than saving your flight itineraries for offline access.

In over 100 pages of content, I’m going to show you how Evernote is the ultimate travel guide. Mastering Evernote for travel will save money, time, stress, and open up new possibilities in your travel.

The core of this book is about travel planning, because this is where Evernote really shines.

Let me illustrate.

There’s no guidebook for the twenty something first-time solo female traveller, who loves fashion, design, museums, cute cafés, and has an active social life. Nor is there a guidebook for the 35 year old traveler who no longer wants to stay in hostels, although is still traveling on a budget. He’s gluten free, and loves organic vegetarian food, night markets, local history, exploring the latest in technology, and spending time in nature. Guidebooks also don’t cater specifically for the couple who have just started a new family, and are looking for kid-friendly things to do, see, places to eat, and an awesome place to stay, all on a tight budget.

There’s no guidebook designed especially for any of these, or most other specific types of travelers.

But you can make one.

For most people, the typical guidebook contains just a small handful of things you might be very interested in doing, seeing, or eating. When it comes to accommodation, you’ll often find that for the places recommended in the books, the prices have gone up, the service quality has gone down, and they’re crazy busy. Many times, they now bear little resemblance to their original guidebook description.

In Traveling with Evernote, I’m going to show you how to create your own guidebook that is 100% tailored to the types of things that you love to do, eat, and see. It can also be designed to get you the best of all these experiences according to your specific budget.

Traveling with Evernote starts with the basics and then teaches you the best power tricks, tips, tools, and strategies I’ve learned over several years of using Evernote for travel.

In particular, because many have trouble in figuring out how to best use Evernote, the book is designed to give you ideas for using Evernote in contexts other than travel. I link to my own personal Evernote notes in the book so you can see how I use Evernote, and to inspire your own creativity. Also included are dozens of my favourite travel resources and a discussion of the best apps that work with Evernote for travel and, more importantly, how to get the most out of them.

And, like most of my other books, the book is designed to pay for itself several times over through the included tips, tricks, and applications.

Traveling with Evernote is perfect for travellers (leisure or business), digital nomads, as well as all iPhone and iPad users who are looking to master their mobile devices. Regardless of whether you’re a new Evernote user or a pro, you’re bound to find useful information in this book that you hadn’t known before.

In the last few years mobile and digital have totally reshaped the way most people travel. Little more than ten years ago, we traveled with a guidebook, used travel agents, and carried physical currency. These days, its usually a smartphone, apps, and digital currency. At the airport, you’ll usually see more people lined up for a prepaid local SIM card than you will to change foreign currency. My work is designed to teach you how to navigate this new world of travel.

Elsewhere, on the blog, I’ve written about how the way we travel has totally changed and what that means, how to save money traveling with Evernote, and why Evernote is the ultimate travel guide.

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