Voice Dream Reader by Voice Dream LLC ($9.99) for iOS and Android, is one of my all time favourite apps. Voice Dream Reader is a text-to-speech app that allows you to read text in 30 different languages from a smorgasbord of sources. These sources include Microsoft Office documents, web pages, eBooks, PDFs, Evernote, Instapaper, Pocket, emails, your device clipboard, cloud storage, and many more. Voice Dream Reader reads the text you submit to it using any of the 60 in-built voices from your iPhone, or around another 100 voices via in-app purchase. This means that you can install male and female voices that have a range of accents from across the world (including Indian accents!) to create a reading experience that is most pleasing for you. Some of the voices are extremely realistic. My favourite third-party voices include Lisa, Paul, Sali, James, Rhona, Hugh, Tyler, and Amy.

I use Voice Dream in a variety of ways. One way is to turn an eBook into an ‘audiobook’, but there are many other possible applications. You could use it to listen to your university notes, proof-read your writing/books, turn your Instapaper reading list into a ‘podcast’, and so on. Voice Dream Reader is useful for travelers who might get motion sick and want to listen to, rather than read their content.

While Voice Dream isn’t something I use every day, its still one of my favourite apps, ever. Also worth checking out from the same developer is their high-speed, OCR scanning App, Scanner, which is a solid competitor to Readdle’s excellent Scanner Pro. Scanner integrates with Voice Dream so you can scan documents in an OCR format that you can then read using Voice Dream Reader.